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An expressive space for all artists

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Many are those who have been unable to express their individual talent in an appropriate space, especially in a place conducive to promoting artistic expression in its various forms.

The earliest whispers or well-established writings that we sometimes discover in the young or not-so-young are often met with fleeting admiration because no distribution structure wants to take the risk of a haphazard programming.

Faced with this observation, a group of men and women have chosen to react by proposing a space for expression for all artists. It is about making room for young talents, for enthusiasts of all ages, and especially for professional artists.

The association “Art and Imagination” was born out of this desire to fill a growing gap in the artistic landscape of Martinique because too many artists find themselves isolated and with no other means than resourcefulness to try to live their art.

“Art and Imagination” aims to offer this beach to the ocean of flourishing imaginations that bubble up here and there in various places. It also aims to link the legal and administrative framework to which artists are subjected to their daily and unique reality.

It commits to developing partnerships with associative structures or administrative services to contribute to better informing artists about their respective rights. It intends to take initiatives to promote the production and/or dissemination of works by artists and thus break the isolation of a often marginalized silent majority.

The expectations of artists vary depending on their discipline, career level, and personal goals. However, there are some common expectations that many artists have when pursuing their passion or profession. Here are some of these expectations :

  • Recognition and visibility : Many artists hope that their work will be recognized and appreciated by a wider audience. They often want to see their work exhibited, published, performed, or broadcasted. Visibility is often associated with the satisfaction of sharing their creativity with a broad audience.
  • Financial success : Artists often hope to be compensated for their work. They want to be able to make a living from their art, whether through the sale of their works, performances, advertising contracts, or other means related to their talent.
  • Artistic autonomy : Many artists wish to have creative control over their work. They want to be able to express themselves freely and pursue their own artistic vision with minimal external interference.
  • Collaboration: Artists may seek opportunities to collaborate with other artists, musicians, writers, actors, etc. Collaboration can stimulate creativity and offer new perspectives.
  • Continuous learning : Artists often expect to continue developing their skills and evolving in their field. They seek constant improvement and the exploration of new techniques and ideas.
  • Emotional and social impact : Many artists hope to touch the emotions and minds of their audience. They want to create works that evoke emotional reactions and provoke thought. Additionally, they may aspire to social or political engagement through their art.
  • Networking and opportunities : Artists often hope to expand their professional network to access new opportunities. Connections with other industry professionals can open doors to exhibitions, collaborations, scholarships, etc.
  • Personal satisfaction : Ultimately, many artists pursue their passion for the sheer pleasure of creating. Personal satisfaction in expressing themselves through art and bringing ideas to life is an important expectation for many artists.
  • Cultural impact : Some artists have broader ambitions and aspire to have a significant impact on culture or society. They want their work to contribute to changing cultural perspectives or norms.

It is important to note that artists’ expectations can evolve over time and vary significantly based on their artistic discipline, personal style, and personal experiences. Furthermore, each artist is unique, and their expectations can be very specific to their on vision and artistic goals.